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International organisations and projects

red. Piotr Gierlak

since 2016 Member of Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, (since 2019 chairman of the local branch in Rzeszów)

since 2018 Member of Polish Committee of Theory of Machines and Mechanisms "PK TMM"

since 2019 Reviewer Board Member of "Universal Journal of Mechanical Engineering" (ISSN: 2332-3353 (Print)) http://www.hrpub.org/journals/jour_info.php?id=51

since 2020 Reviewer Board Member of "Robotics" (ISSN 2218-6581) https://www.mdpi.com/journal/robotics

since 2020 Reviewer Board Member of "Machines" (ISSN 2075-1702) https://www.mdpi.com/journal/machines

since 2021 Reviewer Board Member of "Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Control Systems" (ISSN 2669-2600) https://www.jvejournals.com/journal/jmeacs