Podstrona: Scientific interests / Wizytówka pracownika PRz

Scientific interests

red. Piotr Gierlak

- modelling of mechanical systems,

- robot modelling,

- robot control,

- adaptive control,

- nonlinear control,

- force control,

- artificial intelligence in robotics,

- underactuated systems,

- technical diagnostics,

- mechanical vibrations.


red. Piotr Gierlak

2013 - 2015; INNOTECH-K2/IN2/66/182991/NCBR/13, Designing the process of robotized deburring of variable shape parts of aircraft engines with the use of an automatic adaptation of the tool trajectory. Position: performer. Project leader: WSK "PZL Rzeszów" S.A.

2013 - 2016; INNOTECH-K2/IN2/41/182370/NCBR/13, Optimization and monitoring of the machining process of thin walled aircraft engine assemblies using intelligence computational methods. Position: performer. Project leader: WSK "PZL Rzeszów" S.A.

2019 - 2022; 027/RID/2018/19, Regional Initiative of Excellence: Regional Center of Excellence for Automation and Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications at Rzeszów University of Technology. Position: performer and coordinator of the task: Technology development for the needs of the aviation industry, taking into account the conditions of the Industry 4.0 concept.

scientific research

red. Piotr Gierlak

2011; U-8313/DS/M, Artificial intelligence methods in position/force control of manipulator. Position: project manager,

2012; U-8662/DS/M, The implementation of intelligent position-force control for the manipulator in the machining process. Position: project manager,

2013; U-227/DS/M, The implementation of a robotic manipulator in the machining. Position: project manager,

2014; U-558/DS/M, Robotisation of machining of the selected components surface. Position: project manager,

2015; U-615/DS/M, Analysis of mechanical vibrations during the robotised machining. Position: project manager,

2016; U-776/DS/M, Modelling of geometric constraints of manipulator. Position: project manager,

2017; DS/M.MA.17.004, Control of the manipulator in interaction with the flexible environment. Position: project manager,